Dissertation Update
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What am I working on?

In sort I am trying to model how the morphometric traits of various genotypes of wheat interact.

To do this I'm using µ-CT image analysis to find and extract the 3D traits of wheat seeds.

Types of wheat being used and their ploidy

The types of wheat being used in this study are:

  • Wild Monococcum (2N)
  • Domesticated Monococcum (2N)
  • Tauschii (2N)
  • Durum (4N)
  • Dicoccoides (4N)
  • Dicoccum (4N)
  • Ispahanicum (4N)
  • Timopheevii (4N)
  • Spelta(6N)
  • Aestivum (6N)
  • Compactum (6N)

What's the status?

Currently I'm in the stage of writing up my results and also trying to find more biologically significant information in the data that I've gathered.

Our methods for finding meaning have become rather primitive as the below image demonstrates :) myself and a few others searched through my graphs in the office the other day to see if anything jumped out at us for further exploration. I can't be sharing data yet, but a lot of things have become more interesting and we are very eager to explore!


Figure 1: Graphs galore!

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